“Green Thumb ~ True Blue” the Fall of Man in Girl Soda Atlas


"The raga of the unfolding Tun Tree" illustration by K. J. Legry
“The raga of the unfolding Tun Tree” 

green-thumb-true-blue-10-girl-soda-atlas-by-k-j-legrywater-is-the-root-of-life-tree-in-girl-soda-atlas-by-k-j-legrysea tortoise to be continued 14 Perfect World Perfect as You intro part one of Girl Soda Atlas by K.J.Legry 2016 2Girl Soda Atlas logo by K.J.LegryThe chapter 10 Girl Soda AtlasGreen Thumb ~ True Blue” The Fall of Man (The Nature of Raking What Leaves) was written and Illustrated by K. J. Legry © 2016 



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