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Girl Soda Atlas! 

Girl Soda Atlas: "Tabby with binoculars" by K.J. Legry
Girl Soda Atlas: “Tour Guide (Pull Tab) Tabby Z with binoculars” by K.J. Legry a.k.a Tabby Ren Elle. 

Girl Soda Atlas logo by K.J.Legry

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Visit “a Gratitude Journal” featuring K. J. Legry’s music video selections of a Music Warlord a.k.a.  Tabby Ren Elle.  (Explicit Lyrics and Images Warning.)  *note* If you find the Music Warlord Site in Private Mode you may wanna check back later and or request special access.  

Visit “a Girl Power Academy” featuring an archive of artists, musicians, poets, teachers, activists, as they relate to contemporary world issues.  

artist: K. J. Legry 2016
artist: K. J. Legry 2016

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